Your favourite metal band from Munich has released a new song: “Gleichgewicht der Kräfte”

Munich, 29 March 2024 – Melodic death metal band Entoria from Munich are releasing their next banger. And this time it’s going to be really epic. After the successful 2023 voyage, the band is now moving on lyrically to WALHALL with GLEICHGEWICHT DER KRÄFTE.

For the fifth time, Entoria worked together with Michael Kraxenberger from the renowned Sick of Sound Studio in Munich on the production of the single “GLEICHGEWICHT DER KRÄFTE”, who was also responsible for mixing and mastering. With his many years of experience, he once again perfectly captured Entoria’s unique sound and gave the track impressive clarity and epicness.

Gleichgewicht der Kräfte Single Cover

Metal for at home, on the road and live

The single will stand on its own and will not be included on any other long or extended player. It is intended to bridge the waiting time until autumn & winter, when there will be more new material.

The song “GLEICHGEWICHT DER KRÄFTE” will, as always, be available on all common streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. Humans and cats like Eddy and Eyk will therefore have the opportunity to enjoy the band’s intense sounds at home and outside at any time.

The song will be heard live for the first time at the two upcoming concerts on 14 April 2024 in Regensburg and on 4 May 2024 at the Nightmare Night in Munich. Tickets for these events are available here.