Since the release of the song “Zwiespalt” in 2020 almost two years have passed, now the metal band Entoria has ventured back into the studio to record a new song. What came out of it, you can hear on October 14, 2022 on all streaming platforms.

Metal Konzert in Regensburg

New Song and Music video

The video for the song “Schicksalsvereitelung” was recorded during the anniversary event “Albtraumnacht vol. 5” on 07 July at the Backstage Club Munich and is also available online from the aforementioned date.

Whoever surfs through the Internet with open eyes can already get a first impression of the new song on the band’s social media channels. As befits a metal song, “Schicksalsvereitelung” is dark and has a high energy level. The band itself says about the new song, “We are very proud of the result. We can’t wait until it’s finally out!”

Exclusive preview of the new song in the podcast

If you can’t wait either, you should check out the podcast in the weeks leading up to October 14. There will be exclusive preview material of the song. The band has made an impressive development in recent years. With their debut album “Aschheim” they made a name for themselves in the Munich metal scene in 2019. Several line-up changes and pandemics later, the five musicians from the south of Germany can no longer be removed from the city’s stages. So fans of hard music can already look forward and mark the 14th of October 2022 in the calendar red. Then it is again: Headbanging until the head just flies!

Facts about the song

Release Date: 14.10.2022

Type of release: digital only – streaming/download

Duration: 03:59