Entoria at the Metal im Woid Festival 2022 in Schrobenhausen

After more than two years of difficulties and postponements, a festival season could finally take place again in 2022. Accordingly, 2022 will be the second festival show for Entoria.

For the seventh time now, the Metal im Woid festival will take place from September 15 – 17, 2022 on the grounds of the SSV home in Schrobenhausen. It is organized every year by Metal Maniacs Schrobenhausen e. V. The otherwise only two-day event was extended this year by a third festival day with concerts. So there are now over 25 metal bands of different subgenres to see on three days.

Lineup at Metal im Woid Festival 2022

Thursday, September 15, 2022

  • Grand Old Wrath
  • Defiled Souls
  • Dread Sovereign
  • Morbus DEI
  • Heavy Artillery

Friday, September 16, 2022

  • Andreas Kalb
  • Shamrock
  • Skyborn
  • Sacrifice in Fire
  • Entoria
  • Dark Zodiak
  • Don’t Drop the Sword
  • Beyrevra
  • Excrementory Grindfuckers
  • Night Demon

Saturday, September 17, 2022

  • Hias
  • Porn the Gore
  • The Phobos Ensemble
  • A Feast for Crows
  • Reapers Revenge
  • Bitterness
  • Valkenrag
  • Vulture
  • The Spirit
  • Memoriam
  • Hammersmith

The exact playing times of the bands are not yet published. As soon as there is more information about it, they will be added here.

Only so much is certain: the camping site of the festival opens on Thursday, 15.09.2022 at 2 pm. Ideal for those who still have to go to work in the morning. After a total of five bands is the end on this day. 

Tickets for the event: SOLD OUT

The Metal im Woid Festival is limited to 500 visitors and already sold out since 2019. Who will be there next year, should strike as soon as the presale is open.

We thank the Metal Maniacs Schrobenhausen e. V. for the invitation and that they organize such a great event for seven years on a voluntary basis.

PS: We will be there this year not only as a band, but also with our podcast project. Feel free to speak something into our mics when you meet us.