Sven – Singer von Entoria

Sven - Sänger von Entoria

1. Name: Sven

2. Title: The Dreadful

3. Band duty: Noisy brat, responsible for moshpits

4. A band I would die for: Shadow of Intent

5. My last words: Wall of Death!

6. Play this at my funeral:
Varg – Seele

7. Write this on my grave stone:
Oh Manowar, my beer is Slayer. Give me Amon a Mass and i can continue.

8. If first I conquer world domination, the first thing I do is:
Wacken 2.0

9. Favourite quote: I meet my brain outside and hit him in the face.

10. Favourite time of day: 20 o’clock

11. Because: knocking-off-time, a lot of good concerts start here

12. Favourite Entoria song: Ich will euch bluten sehen

13. First band I ever saw live: Gonoreas, Bikerparty in croatia, about 2006

14. I’ve been making music since: 2011

15. The reason why I got started with this shit in the first place:

16. What’s your position on the following statement: ‘Mummies are basically zombies in bandages’: You have to destroy the brain of the zombie to kill him. To damage a mummie, you have to destory the bandage first. So mummies are zombie-tanks.