Armin – Drummer of Entoria

Armin - Drummer von Entoria

1. Name: Armin

2. Title: Der Ormin

3. Band duty: Le drums

4. A band I would die for: Linkin Park

5. My last words: “Hey there demons, it’s me, ya boi!”

6. Play this at my funeral:
One Thousand Burning Arrows – Amon Amarth

7. Write this on my grave stone:
Respawning in 3… 2… 1… – Connection Failure…

8. If first I conquer world domination, the first thing I do is:
I’m going for the universe

9. Favourite quote: ‘Ormin, Iszik túl kevés’

10. Favourite time of day: 0:00 AM

11. Because: You never know if it’s not 0:00 PM

12. Favourite Entoria song: Tod in Rot

13. First band I ever saw live: Rosenstolz *coughs awkwardly*

14. I’ve been making music since: I was 10.

15. The reason why I got started with this shit in the first place:
Music is fun

16. What’s your position on the following statement: ‘Mummies are basically zombies in bandages’: ‘Mummies are basically zombies in bandages’: That’s not entirely correct, because if you are being bitten by a zombie, you turn into one yourself, but bitten by a mummy, you’re just a poor dude or gal with mummy bite. Personally I would prefer a mummy though *cough*