Concert at Backstage Munich confirmed – with distance

First concert confirmation for Entoria in 2021:

Psycho Villages Unstoppable Tour 2021 im Backstage München. Mit dabei sind Entoria, Blackfired und Still awake

Almost one year after the last live concert at the “Metal Armageddon” in Pfaffenhofen, there is finally light in the metal concert sky for Entoria. Together with the rock and metal combos BLACKFIRED and STILL AWAKE they play a support show on the UNSTOPPABLE tour of the Austrian alternative rockers of PSYCHO VILLAGE. The lineup is very mixed and thus fans of massive death metal sound, melodic symphonic metal as well as dirty hard rock riffs will get their money’s worth.
The concert will take place at Backstage Munich. It is seated with beer sets, with distance and working hygiene concept.
Admission to the hall is possible from 18:30 and the first of four bands will play from 19:30. There is free seating at the concert.

“It’s like at the Oktoberfest – only on stage metal plays instead of folk music” –

Marco, guitarist of the Munich metal band Entoria.

“It’s not a substitute for normal concerts where the audience stands together in the crowd, but transitionally it’s better than no concerts at all.”
Tickets are limited to 200 and sold out quickly. Use the contact form to secure your ticket for this metal event of a special kind.
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